How to set up leaders for success

For many years, I have observed people as they have been promoted to the role of a leader, especially in the technology industry. Typically, the person who has the best set of hard skills gets the job. For example, someone who can develop great mobile apps becomes the team leader. Everyone possesses the ability to become a great leader, but few begin as a great leader. This means that as people transition from one role to another, they need support as they develop their leadership skills. Just because they write the best line of code, does not qualify them as a leader. Do not get me wrong, it does pay to have leaders who understand the work of the team, this understanding will help them t

Low cost digital communication and the impact on customer loyalty

As a child I remember the joy and excitement I had when I went to the letterbox and discovered there was a letter addressed to Master V Rivett. To start with-it would-be birthday cards from family. As I got older, the occasional pen written letter. A bank statement would make me feel all adult-like. As I aged, the joy I derived from the postal service took a swift change. I would open the letterbox to find that the mail no longer excited me. Often, the bills would be flowing in faster than the bank cheques. Or the letterbox would be full of circulars and promotional material. Communication has changed in the digital world. Today we have email, text messaging, social media, and other forms of

Music taught me the power of consistency

As a young person, I had a dream of being the world’s best trumpet player. At the time, I listened to the likes of the American trumpet extraordinaire Wynton Marsalis. It seemed that he could effortlessly play orchestrally backed solos like Flight of the Bumble Bee or Carnival de Venice. I knew that the only way to become the best was to practice. My father told me, if you want to be good, then you need to play scales repeatedly. For those who are unfamiliar, scales are like pressing the white keys on the piano sequentially from left to right. That’s right, it’s hardly an exciting melody. For 3 hours a day I would play scales in a variety of ways. Every tune you can think of is based on scal

How to add value by helping to uncover customer needs

One of the most powerful ways to selling is to identify a customer need or problem that they are trying to solve. There are two parts to that, the customers need and a problem that they are trying to solve, and both can be quite different. A customer may have a need, but they may not be aware of the need, it is not something that they may be aware of. I recall sitting in a café with my wife. She was reading a sign from across the road. I took a glance and asked her how she could possibly see what was written on that sign. I went for an eye examination and, now I wear glasses. I did not have an awareness of a need to wear glasses. On the other hand, a customer may be working on solving a prob

Nanomechanics and wearable devices contribute to life beyond 100 years

The convergence of health and smart technology are not only changing the way we think about healthcare, but also the future of life as we know it. By 2028, it is expected that one in three people will live beyond 100 years. Not only will driverless cars be the norm but people with locked-in syndrome will be able to drive these vehicles by using their thoughts to provide instructions. They will be able to control their world. The average person will be a 34 year old Indian male. Over the last couple of days, I have attended the Healthcare Congress where the importance of technology has been discussed by the majority of speakers. Futurist and keynote speaker, Craig Rispin, talked about the mas

Bioscientists find ways to store data using the DNA of common household bacteria

There is nothing worse than not having enough space on your mobile phone to store holiday photos and videos. We are forced to delete old data to clear room for the new. As we try to find the 'trash' icon, moments pass as we are lost in time. If only we had another gigabyte! Maybe you do, have you checked the fridge lately? In every refrigerator there is a bacteria feeding frenzy. The household refrigerator is a great breeding ground for bacteria like Escherichia coli, commonly known as E. coli. This bacteria often causes food poisoning when ingested due to food contamination. Engineer and Neuroscientist, John Hewitt reported that scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) were


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