Yesterday, I blogged about my first impressions of Office 365. Since then, it has been interesting to see the reaction of some of my co-workers. Being that my background has been focused on collaboration, not a lot is new to me. However, my co-workers have a different view.

So far I have noticed that people (even in a small company) are in either of two camps.

  1. Let's embrace this and see how I can use it to work better
  2. I'm going to keep on doing things they way I usually do, why change?
If you have ever read Michael Sampson's book entitled "User Adoption strategies: Shifting Second Wave People to New Collaboration Technology", you will probably consider second wave adoptors to be a typical adoption issue. 

One of our key people in the service delivery team has been creating SharePoint sites as a way to better share information on customer projects. He has worked out how to use the integration between each of the Microsoft products and now has something that looks to be quite promising.

I have built a site for the Sales Team. We are now starting to share documents such as product roadmaps within the site. I have also set up a wiki where we can update information on the competitors.

I have had some discussions with some of my "second wave" co-workers about how we can work better as a team (we have sales people across 3 different locations). These co-workers are open to knowing more and understanding how this technology can help them to work better. It will be interesting to see how things go over the next few weeks. I hope to be able to blog more about the business value within the context of this company.