Recently, I was invited by Samsung to attend an event at a local retail stand for the New Zealand launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6. I wasn't doing a lot else, so I decided to attend early on my Saturday morning.

I went along with the view that Samsung really needed to pull something new out of the hat. For some time, I have been using a Galaxy S4. I made some enquiries about the S5 but could not justify the value of the limited new features. Very few of my friends are using the S5. So what is the S6 promising to deliver that would build the desire to upgrade?

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I guess that I must have spent too much time abroad, I had expected that there would have been hundreds of people wanting to be the first to get their hands on a new Samsung Galaxy S6. While my Instagram photo shows just a few people, the numbers did triple! Still not the best turn out.

Without too much pushing and shoving I managed to get my hands on a shiny new Samsung S6 Edge. The screen practically wraps around the long edges of the phone. It is stylish and would be a great accessory for my wife's handbag. However, I would personally prefer the standard version. To me, the Edge allows for more knocks and scratches.

I managed to spend some time with one of the Samsung sales representatives. He pointed out the following key features:

  1. Wireless battery charging
  2. A 10 minute (wired) battery charge will allow for about 2 hours of video viewing
  3. No ability to add an additional SD card to increase storage. Apparently there were numerous complaints about accessing media on SD cards. The speed of the card would cause a performance bottleneck. 
  4. Not only is the Samsung Galaxy S6 using faster storage, but Samsung is also providing customers with over 200BG of online storage to compensate removing the ability to use an SD card.
  5. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is shipping with Android Jellybean. Those people who are using earlier versions of the Samsung Galaxy (S4 & S5) will have to wait for Samsung to release the OTR (Over the air) update. This may be part of Samsung's marketing strategy for the S6.
One of the other benefits that seems to be creating a lot of excitement is the virtual reality. All you have to do is purchase a headset (goggles) accessory, insert the Samsung Galaxy S6 and you are ready to go.

I have been wanting to experience "Virtual Reality" for quite some time. I jumped at the opportunity to give it a go. It was very cool. I was able to watch a movie where I felt like I was in the movie. I was about to look all around me to see something wherever I turned my head. I would love to see this sort of thing being used in the boardroom! There could be several use cases for the the likes of business meetings right through to online shopping.

While I have only listed a select few of the benefits of the new Samsung Galaxy S6, I don't see myself forking out another $1000.00 to upgrade for such a limited set of new features. My focus is really on how the phone would make my life easier. If I was given a Samsung Galaxy S6, would I be happy? Sure I would! After all, there's nothing like bragging rights with your friends or a family of Apple iPhone users :-)