Well, it looks like someone is leaving messages on the internet as if they are me. These messages are appearing on forums, youtube and other sites that allow people to leave comments and reviews.

The person/people responsible for this are known to me and a criminal investigation is now underway by the relevant authorities.

If you are concerned about the nature of any of the comments, then please contact the New Zealand or Australian Police.

It would also be helpful if you could please email me with examples of what you may have received. Please provide the time and the date and any other relevant information.

P.S. This post is showing a date in December. I have done this as a way of keeping it at the top of my lists of posts. I will be posting other updates on this issue in new posts. Scroll down the home page to find them.

The nature of such messages are typically abusive and degrading of people or organisations attempts at Social Media marketing. As people who know me would advise, this is not how I do business, neither do I, or have I, ever provided services around Social Media "marketing".