I'm quickly learning that after a great holiday of making the most of life, getting back to work is great, but the following weekend makes for such a tease. I feel like I am living from weekend to weekend now!

Having a BBQ on Friday night with friends led to the typical conversations that we all have about fishing (I'm making a broad assumption there). So the next morning I was out on the Auckland harbour with friends, trying to catch some big fish. We managed to get a few snapper! Happy days!

Here is a video of me catching a fish. If you watch it long enough, you'll get a good laugh out of it.

To top the weekend off, I did 80km's worth of cycling to ensure that I reached my weekly goal of 250km/week. Due to the fishing on Saturday I had a bit of catching up to do. Early on Sunday morning I ended up with a puncture, the second one in two rides. I posted my frustration on Instagram.

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It's always interesting to see how much glass there is on the road after a Saturday night. Young people seem to think that throwing glass bottles out of car windows is a great way to dispose of them. It's pretty dangerous to say the least.

One of the things I like about Social Media, is that when I share my experiences with the world at large, I get to make new friends. People engage because they think they might be able to add some value. As I shared this experience on Twitter, a fellow cyclist gave me some good advice. Once again, it is good being able to connect with someone new.

 Often we use Social Media to spread our influence as "Subject Matter Experts". In the past this was a great way to gain some credibility and recognition. However, things have changed. I am now finding that Social Media provides better value when we share our experience. By doing this we often end up engaging with the 'real' subject matter experts.