It's usually at this point where we ask ourselves "Where has the year gone?"

This question gets me thinking, does it mean that the year had no significant achievements or milestones, or does it mean that it was full of them providing no time to rest? For me, it seems that every year older I get, the faster each year goes.

This year started with 'go live' on a significant IT project at Toyota Motor Corporation of Australia. Approximately 3,000 employees showed up for work to be greeted by a new email system (Microsoft Outlook 2013) as a replacement for Lotus Notes. After 11 months of project work, the team and I delivered a successful project, after that I returned home New Zealand for a bit of rest and relaxation.

Now, I'm working as a Sales Executive for a New Zealand company that provides Workforce Management Solutions. After working for so many years with IBM software, it has been a challenge to build new relationships with Human Resources and Finance professionals. Thanks to Social Media, this has become a lot easier.

With only 16 more days left this year, I find myself to be rather focused on what I can do to maximise my time this side of Christmas. Monday provides a great opportunity to review the status of my opportunities and how I can best progress them. While closing more sales this side of Christmas is likely, I am keen to ensure that I am off to a great start in 2015.