Saturday morning is typically a morning where I browse the internet fairly aimlessly. I catch up on blog articles that I didn't manage to read during the week. I review the YouTube videos that I subscribe to but never have a chance to watch. I catch up on all of the news that I've missed during the week.

This morning, watching a YouTube video on sales training, the person speaking in the video referred me to a website. I went to the website and started to try to understand what it was all about. The picture above shows the menu of options available for the site. The first thing that I wanted to click on was the option for the blog.

In the past, I typically would have gone to the 'about' page or even look at the products. However today, I want to get past all of the professional marketing hype and go for the 'truth'. While the blog may not be the 'truth', I find that most blogs have a higher degree of authenticity than a typical website.

The other thing about a blog is that I'm more likely to connect with a person rather than a marketing department. Blogs that allow readers to leave comments also provide a way for people to interact with the organisation. The blog section of a website provides unique value to the visitor.