I've just upgraded my Apple MacBook Pro to the latest version of OS X, known as Yosemite. It would appear that Apple has made available was in the last 24 hours.

The update was available through the app store. At just over 5 GB it took me about half an hour to download. Once downloaded, I was guided through a simple process to upgrade the operating system. There were a series of buttons to click to advance the install of the new operating system. Even with solid-state hard drive and ample memory the upgrade process seem to take about 30 minutes.

Once the upgrade was complete I was asked if I would like to do several things. These included upgrading to iCloud Drive and disk encryption.

Once I have completed the upgrade I went back into the app store to check for any more updates. I found that there were updates for other Apple products such as iTunes, Pages, Numbers and various other applications. By the time I had completed upgrading everything, the full process had taken about an hour and a half.

The disk encryption is still running and may run for another five hours. So, I'll be leaving it plugged into a power supply for the next few hours wallet completes.

The look and feel of the new update is reasonably refreshing however, it's not revolutionary by any stretch of imagination. Then why would you expect it to be, when Apple provides regular updates and enhancements?

This blog post, has been written using apple's speech recognition and dictation. I am using the enhanced version and have found that its accuracy is out of this world, even with my New Zealand accent. I am using Australian English as is there is currently no New Zealand English option.

I have also done the typical thing of opening up other applications that I use on a regular basis. They all seem to work and perform as expected. This includes, VMware fusion which is a product that I use to run Windows 8 and a virtualised environment.