Yesterday, I was reviewing a few tweets on Twitter when I came across a conference that would appear to be hosted by Some quick research revealed that is an organisation with brands only membership for the people running social media at really big companies.

I saw the following tweet appear on Twitter. A photo of the slide being used during a presentation by Lutz Finger, co-author of the book entitled "Ask, Measure, Learn - Using Social Media Analytics to Understand and Influence Customer Behavior". The comment on the slide challenged my thinking. Is the magic formula really "Influence + Frequency + Content = Engagement?"

One of the great things about social media, is it allows you to connect with people. By responding to this tweet I was able to connect with Lutz Finger directly.  Upon challenging this "magic formula", and suggesting that success was not 'engagement', I entered into a dialogue with Lutz and Tracy. It is my view that success can only be established where efforts have a direct positive impact on an organisations key goals and objectives.

Typically, most of the world's largest brands are accountable to shareholders. Obviously, shareholders are expecting a return on their investment. C-level executives are typically setting goals around customer loyalty, new customer acquisition and profitability. If engagement on social media leads to this then all is good and well. However, most attempts at marketing and engagement generation fall well short of this.

One thing that interested me was that Lutz suggested that the comment had been taken out of context. He even went as far as to suggest that I wasn't at the session. He was correct, I wasn't physically at the session but I was able to participate through the use of social media. All I was able to go on was the information provided to me through what was being shared on social media.

So I ask the question, do live events lose context through social media? On this occasion it may well be the case. However, when a number of people consistently tweet the same message and that message contains a photo of the slide from the presenter, then we as presenters need to ensure that audiences beyond the one sitting right in front of us will be able to understand the message that we are trying to get across.