Google Docs
The first time I used a Google Doc was I was invited to be part of a popular podcast. There were two hosts and an international panel of about four other participants. The podcast was recorded as if it were live.

All of the participants were sent a link to a Google Doc that had an outline of what was going to be discussed. We were all able to alter the document with new ideas and questions. The document was live and changing based on what was being discussed. It allowed us to keep on track while being able to improvised.

During the podcast, the content of the document changed into notes that could be made available to accompany the podcast. Something for the listeners to refer to. Again, we all had the ability to make corrections etc.

The next time I used Google Docs to collaborate was when I was applying for a contract role. I needed to customise my CV based on the clients requirements. I asked a friend of mine in the recruitment industry to assist along with my wife who is a great wordsmith. What would have taken me many hours to produce took less than an hour. The proof is in the pudding so to speak right? Yeah, I got the role!

So what do I like about Google Docs? It helps me to get the job done faster by using subject matter experts which leads to a better result.

When it comes to a Social Business, it is important to be able to provide employees with the tools to collaborate in ad-hoc teams of subject matter experts. I think it is great how technology is able to make this happen without the usual barriers.