Last night, I briefly wrote about the value of sharing an opinion. I referenced an earlier post that was republished by SocialMediaToday. Within moments of the post being republished, it had been tweeted to hundreds of thousands of people. Within hours to millions of people.

Here I was blogging about my opinion when it comes to 'disruptive' forces in the workplace. I set out to challenge people's 'big idea thinking' along with the risks that it carried. A term (disruptive) that rose to significance through rapidly changing consumer demands, is probably not suited well to all that we do in business.

Over the years as I have been in senior roles, including level board memberships, I have found that the people who provide the most value actually provide their opinion. Ask anyone who knows me well and you will be told that I am not afraid to challenge people's thinking. There have been so many times where almost everyone in a meeting had come to agreement only to have me throw a spanner in the works when offering my opinion.

As I reflect on this, people could view me as being disruptive. I disrupt the common way of thinking, often causing further debate. In turn this often may become part of a greater solution or strategy.

When it comes to having an online presence, it pays to have an opinion. That's what people value. I so often see people writing posts based on trends. When people do this, they are just following yet another trend, they're typically repeating what has already been said, adding no value or leadership.

The most valuable members of any team are the ones who are prepared to share what they know or think. It is important that team culture encourages people to share information; factual or non-factual. This is the key premise for strong collaboration.