Keeping up an online profile is no easy feat. Coming up with new ideas and inspiration can be challenging at the best of times. I thought that it might be of help to others to understand what I do to gain fresh inspiration through real life interaction.

Like I always say, Social Media is all about people. In fact, I go as far as saying a better term would be "people media". People are my primary source of inspiration. They're fascinating to say the least. My best posts are based on experiences and interactions I had in recent days. I'm typically looking for real life examples.

When I am talking with people, I'm often looking for opportunities to provide value or to help in some way. Often, issues come up that I'm not able to address at the time as it would not be appropriate. For instance, during the day I sell Workforce Management Solutions not Social Business strategies.

However, I am able to provide value by blogging based on something I've be reminded about during the day. This keeps me fresh and relevant.

It pays to act with a good level of discernment. Sharing something on social media too soon could be seen as a breach of good faith or trust. Unless information is out in the public domain, I try to ensure that I don't provide information that could identify someone. Often, people reading my blog may identify themselves and 99% of the time that's okay.

Sometimes, I delay publishing a blog post by a few days or even weeks to help detach the post from a topic that may have some sensitivity around it. Given the sands of time, the topic may have a very different reception.

I'm often known to be controversial with a lot of what I write. I would better refer to this as having a backbone and an opinion, but I do realise that not everyone sees it like I do. I have to remind myself to act with sensitivity or to be ready for the backlash. Either way I have a personal brand that I have to be aware of.

When I am sharing through blog posts, YouTube, twitter or LinkedIn, my general purpose is to help people through lessons I've learnt. People who know me well, will confirm this to be the case.