The other day I connected with someone on twitter who had been having an ongoing problem with the way in which a company had treated them. Due to the discussion, someone from the company, which I'll not name, entered into the online twitter discussion to help solve the problem.

It's interesting how mentioning a brand on Social Media can cause people to act in ways that they wouldn't usually act. This person had gotten nowhere by using traditional channels to escalate his complaint. Now he was getting somewhere.

My question is, why does it have to go that far? Why do people take to Social Media to get a groundswell of support and action?

A few days earlier, I had asked this very question on twitter. The response I got back was that you never hear the positive feedback on Social Media. Now, I know that this is not true as I often provide positive feedback. Also there are a lot of Social Media sites that ask members for ratings. Just look at ratings on TripAdvisor, Foursquare and even the Google Play Store.

Social Media is a great tool that provides us with the ability to listen for brand sentiment. What are people saying about your business? Is the conversation generally positive or negative?

A Social Business takes brand sentiment very seriously. Social Media provides real-time feedback that needs to be used by the business to make better decisions. It's so important, people who are responsible for customer satisfaction should be measured by it as part of their KPI's.

Would you allow me to state the obvious? Good brand sentiment comes from an exceptional customer experience. It has little to do with what the brand publishes on Social Media.

Brand sentiment is not the role of the marketing team. It needs to be managed by Lime of Business managers. People who can make the decisions have the capacity to change brand sentiment. A lot of brand sentiment is controlled by a companies ability to deliver on its promises.