Imagine being in a crowd and shouting out news about your latest sales campaign. You'd struggle to be heard above all the other voices doing the same thing. There is a high chance that nobody would hear. That's how most people use twitter!

Now consider this, you're standing in the same crowd, you actively start talking one on one to someone. Even though the crowds are shouting all around you, the person you're talking to will lean in and listen carefully to what you have to say. Even more so if you let them do 80% of the talking.

I follow/unfollow a lot of people on twitter. When I look at my twitter feed, most of the tweets are of little interest to me. The tweets that interest me the most are the ones where someone has mentioned my twitter handle. I don't have the time to review all the other tweets.

Twitter has a great feature called 'lists'. Lists allow me to organise people into groups. When I view a list, I only see the tweets from people who belong in that list. I don't even have to follow the person.

Here's an example of one of my lists. I call it 'Sales Targets'. The list is marked private so that I am the only person who can see it. In this list are people who I would like to build a relationship for the purpose of making a sale.

Everyday, I am able to prioritise my time on social media by reviewing what is being said in my most important lists. I review my 'Sales Targets' list and I look for opportunities to engage with people. Notice the use of the word 'engage'? I look for things that we have in common so that I can join the conversation. Over time, we build a relationship.

Can you imagine what it is like when I pick up the phone to talk to a sales prospect for the first time? It's not a cold call neither is it a warm call. By this stage I'm calling a friend!

Here is a video clip that shows some details about using lists.