As I have mentioned on my blog, I have recently taken on a new role as a Sales Executive for a small New Zealand business that provides Workforce Management solutions. The main focus is around Time and Attendance.
For the past 20 years of my career I have been a passionate supporter of an application called Lotus Notes. I've run businesses that have provided support services to Lotus Notes customers and managed to build a personal brand around the product. Over the years, there seemed to be a lot of people who had a very negative view of Lotus Notes. It became hard to make a sale.
I was a little bit apprehensive about selling a solution which I had little knowledge of. On the outset, Time and Attendance sounds just like another "Big brother's watching" approach to HR & business. When I dig a little deeper there is a lot more value that enables business owners to make good decisions based on accurate data.
Within days, with limited knowledge, I began to make sales. This seemed a bit odd! One person I called asked that I would visit them the next day! I'm not use to this. Usually, I have to beg for an appointment (maybe I should have said I had to be strategic about getting an appointment). I'm not use to short sales cycles. I'm use to forecasting sales to complete within a year or two, not a month.
So what is the key difference to days gone by and now? The difference, is that I am selling a solution which solves a real business problem. The solution is able to add immediate value to a business. The dollars and cents add up.
Over the years, I have been through the hard yards of large corporate sales. While this new role is proving to be successful, I'm sure that everything that I have learnt over the years is now paying off.
The driving question that remains in the foremost part of my mind is "How can I help to add value?"
So, today I find myself doing something that I really enjoy; helping people to do business better.