I recall talking to New Zealand businesses about cloud based services just a few months ago. As a sales person, trained in objection handling, I was put through my paces. While it was easy to sell the value of cloud services, there seemed to be an emotional attachment to the status quo.
I spent 11 months working on a contract in Melbourne, Australia. While there, I found that Australia was more accepting of cloud services than New Zealand. However, since coming back to New Zealand, I have found that adoption of cloud services now seems to be all the rage. Thanks to companies like Xero helping businesses to take such a leap of faith.
Now when I am talking to New Zealand businesses about Time and Attendance systems, I ask if they have a preference for a cloud or on-premise solution. I don't think I would be exaggerating to say that over 80% ask for the cloud option.
The three main drivers that come out of my conversations are:
  1. Speed of delivery
  2. Ability to bypass internal IT bureaucracy (did I mention speed of delivery???)
  3. Ability to increase/decrease subscriptions as the business expands and shrinks (particularly helpful when there is a seasonal workforce)