The other night I was out having dinner with the CEO of a New Zealand company. We were talking about the modern business and some of the demands placed on it by the generation which is now entering the workforce.  A generation where they no longer turn up to a job interview to be interviewed but to be the interviewer.  They have somehow managed to reverse the roles.

The subject of remuneration is somewhat comical.  Graduates are seeking out of the gate remuneration which is equivalent to a senior role within the organisation. Not only that, but are seeking to be in a senior role within a 4 to 5 year period.  Obviously, this conversation held a certain amount of hilarity.  Or maybe it was somewhat nervous laughter.

The fact of the matter is, everyone wants a seat at the boardroom table. They want to know that they're being listened to at senior levels of the organisation. That their thoughts and ideas have strategic value and where possible, are being implemented.  The challenge going forward will mean that all employees have access to a transparent management culture.  Employee engagement and recognition need to be at the top of the agenda going forward, if an organisation is to attract and retain the best talent.

It's my view, that the job description of the future will become irrelevant or even non-existent. An employee will be hired for their array of talents.  They will be propelled from one project to another based on the value that they can add.  It will take the tight integration of a resource management office with project management to fully utilise these skills and to ensure that nobody is left sitting on the bench.  With this fluid behaviour it's also likely that the employee will hold multiple employment contracts at the same time while flicking between each contract multiple times during a single working day.

We all know of children who've been diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).  Today, I think it's fair to say that most of the younger generation suffer from a form of ADD due to the abundance of distractions owing to an always connected society.  While we're seeing rapid changes to consumer demographics and behaviours we're also seeing parallel behaviours with employees.

Maybe, for some people I've painted a rather grim picture, but I suggest that these behaviours present the modern enterprise with a great opportunity. An opportunity which matches the internal workings of the enterprise with new customer behaviour's while keeping abreast of the need for transformation.  The modern enterprise needs talented people who can adapt with rapid precision to meet the demands of an untamed marketplace.