A few weeks ago you could have accused me for showing bias to IBM Connections as the Social Enterprise platform of choice.  After all, I was working for IBM and was being paid to sell it!  Since leaving IBM and working as a Social Business consultant, I've been working hard to understand other options with the view of taking an agnostic approach.

With Microsoft recently acquiring Yammer, I thought that it would be a good idea for me to learn more about the product.  Upon inspection, the platform looks to be very 'entry level'.  It made me realise how far ahead IBM Connections really is.

Anyway, I saw that they had an affiliate programme and thought that I would join.  By joining I expected to get access to some of the deeper insights etc.  After completing a form, a message appeared on the screen saying that someone would be in contact in a few days.  What?  A few days!  Really?

Sure enough, just when I had forgotten about applying to join their program, I got an email.  Here's a screen shot:

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Who knows who Greg Love is (don't use his LinkedIn profile to connect with him on twitter as at the writing of this post @gregorywlove doesn't actually exist on twitter), but he was obviously tasked with asking me for information which was not asked for on the form on their website.  "To: undisclosed-recipients" is a bit of an insult these days. I was included in the Bcc.  I am sure that Yammer has access to the technology which will automate personalised emails.

"Can you please tell me about your business and how Yammer would fit in your practice/model?" You have to ask?  With the fact that Yammer hasn't sent me a personalised email, I would also suggest that they haven't done some of the most simple searches to see who I am online.  I really don't keep a lot secret.  I am one of the most easiest people on the planet to connect with.

About a week ago I sent Greg Love a reply:

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I haven't heard anything back from Greg.  He must have Bcc'ed so many people in his original email that he is dealing with all of the abuse that follows.

So what am I saying then? Don't use Yammer?  No.  I am sure that there is a place for Yammer, but it all depends on how it stacks up with your business goals.  I would have expected that all Yammer staff would be living what they preach by being social.