Today has been such a great day! I had discussions with several people about Social Business and the shift from thinking about Social Media.  Today I had a meeting with a couple of people from a central Auckland business who were prepared to ask me some tough questions.

Even though the discussion was about Social Business, they questioned me on how I was different from all those people who proclaim to be Social Media guru's.  They named a few who I know reasonably well.  There are many self-proclaimed guru's who know very little about Social Media, let alone Social Business.  Most of them frustrate me so much that they make my blood boil.

So the question remains, what is it that makes me different from others?  In short Social Media is only a small piece of the puzzle, I've got the other pieces.  Let's look at it like this.  If a company only had a marketing department and yet no products or services to sell, then there's going to be a huge problem with fulfilment of orders.  The company will fail in no time.  How do you align Social with your business goals?

Let's replace the word 'Social' for a moment.  The best word I can find is "People".  For example, we live in a era of People Media and People Business.  My focus is not on the product and how it is marketed, it's on the people who make the product and the people who consume it.

So, I help to enable people to collaborate more effectively with each other using modern Social Enterprise platforms.  In turn this increases a companies ability to help connect people with expertise both internally and externally, to solve problems.  It's about creating connections for the purpose of collaboration to drive better outcomes.