Over recent days, I’ve been talking to a number of large New Zealand companies about their presence on Facebook.  It would appear that all of them, without exception, want to be the most ‘liked’ on Facebook.  But is there a lack of understanding of how that ‘like’ option actually works?

Facebook seems to have two ways of sharing a conversation, picture or even a video.  There is either a ‘like’ link or button to click on, or the option to ‘share’.  In my opinion they both do the same thing, they share the information with others.  The way in which this is done may differ slightly, but in essence, they do the same thing.  

Many people tweet some very sad messages like “My neighbour from hell just ran over the cat”.  Within a few minutes it’s likely that a few people would have clicked on ‘like’!  As a result the comment will have become visible to a much wider audience.  It is unlikely that this was ‘liked’ by anyone other than the neighbour from hell.  However, friends have ‘liked’ it to show their support.  There is no ‘hate’ or ‘dislike’ option.

The kind of thinking is what sets a Social Business apart from the rest.  For the Social Business the goal is about building social trust through customer engagement with subject matter experts within the organisation.  It’s about more intimate relationships not more relationships.  It’s about engaging through experiences to turn customers into brand advocates, and turning prospects into customers. It’s about building a brand army.