Overheard conversations in cafes

This is not another blog article reporting on Microsoft buying Yammer!  If you're like me, you have probably heard enough.  It is coming through on all my news feeds.  It was news the first time I read about it, but now it's just noise.

In my opinion, this is about a 2nd rate company purchasing another 2nd rate company.  For some time, I've been talking to companies about the use of social tools and the social enterprise.  A lot of customers have claimed that SharePoint is social.  However, this isn't the case.  SharePoint is focused around documents.  Whereas, the market leader (according to the likes of Gartner and IDC), IBM Connections, is all about people and Social Human Capital.

It's no surprise that Microsoft is purchasing Yammer.  They need Yammer, as they don't have anything that plays well into the future of enterprise collaboration.  But is Yammer ready for the enterprise?

From what I've read, news of the acquisition,  came about as a leak.  Sarah Taylor is reported to have been sitting in a cafe across the road from Yammer HQ when she heard two employees talking about the takeover.  Sarah reported this through a tweet which she later deleted.

The foolishness of these employees is what gets me.  This is a display of corporate immaturity and a lack of sensitivity to the virility of social media.  Being that Yammer is a company which enables businesses to become "Social Collaborators", you would have thought that they would've known better.  Like I've blogged in the past, Social Business is not about the technology, it is about People, People, People.  In this case, a person (Sarah Taylor) heard something and then acted upon it by tweeting.

Who knows? Maybe this was part of a plan for the news of the acquisition to spread rapidly through the use of viral social media.  I doubt it.