Recently I was looking at what New Zealand businesses were doing with customer engagement on Twitter.  I came across a number of tweets from a New Zealand Courier company, Courier Post.  They were updating their customers on delays because of a cold wintery blast dumping snow on the South Island.

I thought it was good to see them using this service to engage with their customers.  Through interactions and conversations, it was easy to pick up on their customer sentiment.  It appeared that their customers were both patient and understanding.

One of the biggest problems that most companies have, when it comes to customers, is a lack of open and transparent communication.  A Social Business is able to provide this level of transparency.  In return, it's easy to measure the return on investment (ROI).

For example, companies which provide short term services to a large amount of customers, usually have a need for a call centre.  There's always a drive to reduce both the number of calls as well as the cost of each call, while providing better customer service.   The use of Social Media when aligned to business process, can help achieve this for very little cost.

I also noticed that Courier Post has launched and application for the iPhone to allow people to track their packages.  I offered to test it out for them and write a review.

Courier Post sent me a couple of pre-paid envelopes for me to use to test their application.  It was all quite simple really.  I downloaded the app from the AppStore and it was pretty much ready to go.   After stuffing something in both of the envelopes, I clicked on a barcode icon and scanned the label on the envelope using the iPhone camera.  I was then able to enter in some more details to make it easy for me to identify the items.

There was a field for a site code, but being that I don't have one I was going to need to make a call (I guess you need to have a registered account). I clicked on a phone icon and was connected free of charge to their call centre to book a pick-up.  I thought that they should have a facility to create a site code, thus reducing call demand to the call centre.

Promptly, the parcel was collected and I was able to monitor its progress and it worked its way to each recipient.

The great thing is that this app was simple and easy to use.  No need to read an instruction manual, just a matter of getting on with it.

The obvious benefits were:

  • Process Automation
  • Reduction in calls to the call centre
  • The customer stays informed from anywhere at anytime
  • A better customer experience