Recently, I have been involved in some interesting conversations whereby IT people are enforcing restrictions onto employees without fully thinking through the consequences for the rest of the business.  What interests me more is that they are able to connivence the management of the business that it is the best way to work.  Care needs to be taken to ensure that a few dollars saved in one place, doesn't lead to significant costs in the rest of the business.

One of the things that I liked, mentioned in a session at Lotusphere, is that IBM is trying to make common tasks in Lotus Notes so simple that they can be preformed in 2 or fewer clicks.  Obviously, this is in response to feedback from the user community about their views on usability.  I think that this is also an important consideration that all IT departments need to give when thinking about their users.  How can I make their job as simple as possible?

Let's consider the iPhone and the iPad.  Why have they been so successful?  It would appear that they are really easy to use.  With little or no education people seem to be able to use them and even full in love with them.

Employees want to be able to use the tools they require to productively fulfill the requirements of their jobs.  Frustrations with technology leads to loss of productive time.  IT departments often place restrictions on what users can and cannot do on a machine which lead to frustration.

The result can be the loss of good employees and even make it hard to attract great talent.  I am just wondering if it is time for the business to ensure that IT is running for the business, not the other way around.