You've heard it said before, what you put on the web, stays forever!  But how many people really heed this sort of advice?  I have been trolling through the internet in my research for the top 10 things that you NEVER want to do with Social Media.  I bet you're already doing some of these things.

1. Don't use text speak or other unnatural conversation

I'm sorry, but text speak makes you look dumb.  If people cannot work out what you're saying without too much effort, they're not going to be impressed.  It also pays to keep clear of profanity, pretend that your grandmother is reading your posts.  And whatever, leave out the CAPS

2. Don't be negative

Negative people drive me nuts.  I have people in my friend feed on Facebook who are always moaning about stuff that I really don't care about.  I have enough another problems in my world without having to hear all about somebody who was kept up by their baby all night!  While there are times to share sad things, make sure that you don't come across as negative.

3. Don't forget that you're dealing with real people/relationships

Just because you're online, doesn't mean that the people reading your posts are robots.  This is "Social" media.  It's all about people connecting with each other.  Things that hurt people in real life still apply in the social world.  Don't sling mud, slag off at the boss or dump your girlfriend online.

4. Don't use fake or misleading profiles

People want to know who they are talking to.  You need to be transparent.  Make sure that your profile picture is of you, not someone else, and not your baby.  Also, depending on who might be looking at your profile, declare any affiliations that you have.  For instance, I often state who my employer is and also state that my comments are not those of my employer.

5. Don't provide TMI - Too much information

Bombarding your friends & followers with TMI is really annoying.  Those games and quizzes that send out updates at every achievement are really not an achievement at all.  They are a pain in the butt.  Showing the world that you are the best farmer on Farmville just says one thing - You don't have a life! 

Share information that is helpful.  'Eating Breakfast' is really of no help to anyone else.

6. Don't think you're going to get rich quick - stop selling

There are so many get rich online schemes, that if I had a dollar for everyone, I wouldn't need to work.  I have tried a lot of them and none have made me rich.  Posting every book being sold on Amazon will lose you friends and followers really quickly.  If I want advertising, i'll clear the junk mail out of the letterbox.

7. Don't post personal information

No. No. No. Never post personal information.  If you don't feel comfortable, then don't post it.  When you complete profiles on the likes of Facebook, don't provide an accurate age, you'll leave yourself open to identity theft.  Typically, you'll forget the date you provide and people will wish you happy birthday at random!  Might just be what you need on one of those negative days.

 Other things that you shouldn't share include your geo location.  A lot of smartphone applications provide this feature.  Be aware of it and use it with discretion. Not only are you' saying where you are, but you're also saying where you're not, i.e. not at home.  Likewise, don't say that you're going on holiday, that's just an open invitation for unwanted visitors.

8. Don't share photo's or information that may embarrass

This goes without saying.  I suggest that you leave your smartphone at home if you're going out drinking.  By the time you realize what you posted while boozing, it's likely to be too late.  You may also cause embarrassment to someone else. The rolling effects could be catastrophic.

9. Don't ignore your followers

'Social' is about engaging with people.  If someone leaves you a message, comments on one of your posts or mentions you, then you need to respond.  You are using social media to engage with others, it is a two-way dialogue.  It is rude to ignore people in real life so why would it not be in the world of social media?

10. Don't SPAM

Most people would never SPAM people through email, but they seem to be willing to do it on Facebook and Twitter.  Leaving repeated messages over and over again is just annoying.  Selling products every couple of minutes is just a put off.  'Social' is about connecting with people, having a conversation and helping each other out.  SPAM does none of this.