Today, I was doing some research online with twitter.  I came across a tweet which caught my eye when I was looking through a few things on twitter.

Over the past few months I have been talking to a number of people in business, who have had issues with fraudulent staff.  The problem has been the length of time that it has taken management to identify that there is an issue to the time it has taken to take action.  Therefore, this tweet caught my interest.
I decided to click on the URL or link at the bottom of the tweet and here is what  came up on the screen:

It would appear that there is a security issue preventing this page from being displayed.  Or could it be that a staff member stole the information?

One of the things that companies need to be mindful of, is their on-line reputation.  You need to know that every link you tweet is going to produce a positive experience for a potential or existing customer.  At a minimum, this organization should have a customized page appear and maybe even a form for the user to complete which would allow them to outline what they were looking for.