When calling to talk to people about social business,  I very quickly draw their attention to one thing - People are social by nature

Stop and think about this for a moment.  What do people like to talk about the most? Themselves, perhaps?  Not only that but we find that people like to hang out in communities with like minded people.  Have you ever considered how to leverage this sort of thing in a business context?

If you look at social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook, we see people who want to connect with each other both as friends/colleagues or in common interest groups.  They want to share what they are doing and they want to be part of a solution to a problem.

What would it mean to your business if people had the desire to solve problems based on the expertise they could bring to the table?

Recently, I was talking to an IT Manager about Social Business and how they could use it to harness the collective expertise of his organization.  His response was that this was not something that they would need as they already know what everyone in the business had to offer.  The fact is, he is completely wrong.  There is so much that we don't know about the people we are close to, let alone employees.  People have so much expertise that may never appear on their Résumé.  An employees life experience is bound to add incredible value to an organization.  The best ideas often come from the least likely of people.