The other day I was reading about a New Zealand company who was launching one of its brands through the use of social media, particularly Facebook.  In-fact, a trusted source told me that they weren't going to have a Website, however, this quickly changed and they now have a site up and running.

Today, I was wanting to get hold of this particular company.  I thought that this would be easy.  Firstly, I went to Google to do a search for their company/brand name.  I could not find them.  I then tried to search on Facebook, again I could not find them.  Then I sent out a tweet to their parent company and got a tweet back with information that would connect me to them.

When I went through the content of the tweet, everything made sense as to why I was unable to find them, but also how obvious it could have been.  The lesson here is that, just because you are using Social Media, it doesn't mean that your market will be able to find you.  Companies must not forget about fundamental internet marketing strategy while trying to establish their brand.