Have you ever heard how to cook a "Social" egg?  Now I know that this has got you thinking, sounds a bit crazy maybe?  Lately, I have been a home, by myself, with my wife and kids overseas (except for one).  During this time I've had to cook my own meals.  Past history would suggest that I should not be in the kitchen, in-fact, my wife usually sends me out to the BBQ to cook.

I decided that I would be adventurous and learn to cook a poached egg.  I got out my iPad and searched Youtube for a video which would demonstrate this seemingly simple task.  I was able to follow this video as my example, and next thing, I have a pretty good looking poached egg.

Using Social Media, I was able to learn to do something new.  I was thinking about the importance for Social Businesses to use video's as a way of interacting with their customers.  Video's might include how to use your products, messages from the CEO or other thought leadership initiatives.  In various forms, I have been blogging for several years, not only that, but I have a series of videos on Youtube.  I took a look and found that the statistics on my video's far outweighed the statistics for my blog posts.

I work for a company which operates as a Social Business.  Video is an important part of the way in which we interact internally and externally.  Our senior executive team use video to communicate with the team,  the quality of these video's differs somewhat, but they encourage interaction within the employees.
Please take the time to watch me talk about this on the video below.  Consider, how video could enable both your customers and employees to be more engaged within your organisation.