Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Zealand businesses are struggling with Social Media

Recently, I've been looking at what New Zealand businesses are doing with Social Media.  There are a lot who are wanting to get on board with new innovative forms of marketing.  I can think of a small handful who are doing well.  For instance, Air New Zealand and ASB Bank.

If you've been trying to work with Social Media, but you're not getting the results, then leave a comment on this post, let's talk about it as an online community.

In the main, most New Zealand businesses are struggling.  It's not hard to find a business with a Twitter account or a Facebook page, maybe even both.  In many cases it's obvious that money has been spent to ensure that there is a professional look and feel to what is displayed.  However, after a few tweets and comments, it would appear that the attempt has somewhat failed.

So what do I look for, when determining what may be a failed attempt?

  1. A lack of customer interaction
  2. A lack of followers (Twitter) and page likes (Facebook)
  3. Company stops posting tweets and updates within a few days
Okay, this doesn't appear to be too scientific, actually rather basic.  That's because it is basic.  In most cases the metrics are obvious and available to the public.  In the days where a website was the "online presence", there were very few signs which would give away how successful it was, the statistics were not commonly available.

Right now, I would like to pause and say "Congratulations" to all those who have given it a go!  It is a bold move to attempt something new.  I'd also like to say "Don't give up".  This is a learning journey for every organisation.

To be successful, you need to sit down and work out a plan.  I often talk about coming up with a Social Business Agenda.  Social Media provides a great way to engage with both prospects and customers.

If you've been trying to work with Social Media, but you're finding that you are not getting the results, then leave a comment on this post, let's talk about it as an online community.


  1. New Zealand businesses need to be more educated on the benefits of using social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.
    Facebook offers a fantastic and free facility to businesses, which may not be able to afford a good quality website.
    It surprises me how even good food establishments do not have an online presence nowadays.
    Even if I owned a small fish & chips shop, I would still be promoting it on Facebook, offer my menu there, offer specials, and possibly even allow people to place orders.
    Businesses need better education on such benefits.

    1. The thing that I find interesting, is that a lot of businesses start out with great intentions, but they appear to give up before giving it a decent go. I agree about the need to be educated on the benefits, but there also need to be education around good social planning and execution of the plan.

      Think of it like this, if I go to a party and introduce myself to one person and then leave, nobody at the party would even remember that I was there. But, if I go and talk to (engage) as many people as possible then my presence is well known. If I do this at the next party and the next party, I become well known. I cannot not just stop at one attempt.

  2. What I have found is that it is cool and exciting to get on board with Social Media but what is forgotten is that with the way Social media has evolved it needs to be monitored all the time to make it work. It is hard (I think) for a company to justify having someone doing their Social Media and that is where they then give up.

    I agree with you Vaughn with your description of going to a party and engaging. Social Media is the same. Now days it has become so big that is warrants a full time job or at least more than one hour a day if a company has multiple sites.

    I have found that getting over the stigma of "sitting on the internet" is hard to do. So on the one side yes lets do it and on the other wow you are forever on the Internet. Then comes the work of building up connections and likes and then comes the hard work and that is engaging even if it is idle chit chat..... It is also bridging the old with the new.....


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